Co-founder Matt Kruger was toying with the notion of getting in touch with his inner craftsman, and decided his creative outlet of choice would be candle-making.  The logical next step was to ask life-long best friend and graphic designer Blake to help with the branding, name, logo, etc.  But Blake wasn’t content to sit back and let the proverbial-candle burn—he wanted in.

When it came time to put a name on said idea, they knew what ideal they wanted to depict, but couldn’t put a finger on how to summarize that ideal in a single word.

Enter Grandma.

Born in Norway, Blake’s grandmother was known for spontaneously reverting to her native tongue when the need arose.  In this case, the need was trying to explain the inner warmth she felt when she entered a room alight with candles, a wood-burning fire and the scent of fresh bread baking in the kitchen.

Her words were this: “Det er så koselig her inne!”

Translation: It’s so cozy in here.

“Koselig” isn’t simply a direct translation of “cozy”—it’s a deeper mindset than its English counterpart.  To put it into words, we would say it’s a state of being brought on by an atmosphere.

Hence, the name Koselig Candle Co. was born, as well as the mission behind it.  It stems from that desire we have as humans to place a high priority on strong relationships and warm havens in our lives. Matt and Blake truly believe a great smelling and aesthetically pleasing candle can transform any situation into a place where people can come together and enjoy life's simplest pleasures.